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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZW3D?
ZW3D is an all-in-one 3D CAD/CAM solution designed for product development and manufacturing. ZW3D belongs to the same software category which includes other similar products e.g. SolidWorks, Inventor, Fusion 360, etc.
Is the ZW3D license perpetual (life-time)?
Yes, you'll get a perpetual license when you purchase ZW3D. That means you OWN the software and the license never expires.

ZW3D license is NOT subscription-based. So you only need to pay once, but not recurring monthly/yearly payments.

When a new ZW3D version is released, you can choose to pay for the upgrade or to stay with the version you purchased. For detailed information, see the question "What is the detailed pricing structure of ZW3D?" below.
Is the ZW3D cloud-based?
No. ZW3D is 100% non-cloud and doesn't store any data on any external server. Once activated, you can run ZW3D without any internet connection.
Can I install ZW3D on Mac?
Currently ZW3D only supports the Windows systems (32/64 bit of Windows 7 sp1, Windows 8.1 or Window 10).
Can I try ZW3D before purchasing it?

Yes, go to our Download page to get your 30-day trial of ZW3D Premium version with no limitation.

What's the differences between ZW3D versions?

Check HERE for the detailed comparison between different ZW3D versions. Most design firms and freelancers choose the Professional version. The Premium version best suits who needs 2X - 3X machining in a regular basis.

What is the detailed pricing structure of ZW3D?

ZW3D's pricing structure is quite simple and transparent. Unlike other expensive 3D CAD systems, there is no accumulated maintenance fee required when you upgrade the software.

  1. New license price = MSRP

    This is the price you pay when you purchase a new license of the newest ZW3D version. Check the current MSRPs HERE.

  2. Maintenance = 25% of MSRP / per year

    A user can purchase maintenance when (1) purchasing a new license or upgrade (2) deciding to keep the software up-to-date when the current maintenance is still valid.

    For example, a user can purchase a new ZW3D 2020 license + 1-yr maintenance. This way when ZW3D 2021 is out, he/she can move up to ZW3D 2021 freely.

    A ZW3D 2018 user can purchase an upgrade + 1-yr maintenance and start using the latest version, say ZW3D 2020. This way when ZW3D 2021 is out, he/she can move up to ZW3D 2021 freely.

    If ZW3D 2020 is the latest version, a ZW3D 2020 user can purchase an 1-yr maintenance anytime BEFORE ZW3D 2021 is out. This way when ZW3D 2021 is out, he/she can move up to ZW3D 2021 freely.

    A user can choose a 1-yr, 2-yr, or 3-yr maintenance to purchase with, and within these years you can upgrade to the latest version for free (that's why it's called a maintenance; it maintains your software and keeps it up to date).

  3. Upgrading = 35% of MSRP / per time

    If a user doesn’t keep the maintenance with the current version then he will have to pay the upgrade fee if he decides to upgrade to the latest version. The difference here between other 3D CAD vendors' pricing model is: when you upgrade, you don’t need to pay the accumulated maintenance fees within the lost year.So if you bought the ZW3D 2018 (without the maintenance), and you decide to upgrade to the latest version (say ZW3D 2021), you need to pay the 35% to upgrade. In the same scenario, if you decide to stay with ZW3D 2021, and after 7 years, you want to upgrade to ZW3D 2028 , you still only need to pay 35% of the new MSRP to upgrade. No maintenance hassle whatsoever.

    When you upgrade (paying 35% of MSRP), this is the time you can consider buying extra maintenance fees (25%). If you think you’ll become a loyal user you might want to do this to save some money (10% per year) to upgrade in the near future.

What are the licensing options?

ZW3D provides these licensing options:

  1. Soft-key Standalone license (recommended): You'll get a license key (sometimes referred as the Activation ID) as a six letter-number combination like Z1E8-FE3B-YYYY-X3XX-JPIN-XXXX. In ZW3D's license manager you can use the license key to activate the software with just a few clicks. If you want to use the same license on a different PC, you just need to "return" the license on PC 1, and activate it on PC 2.

    The activation/returning requires the internet connection, but you only need to do it once. When activated, ZW3D doesn't require the internet connection anymore.

    We always recommend this licensing method because it's the easiest way to to deploy and manage ZW3D in your team.

  2. Soft-key Network license: This method needs the Network License Manager software to be installed on a local server for distributing ZW3D licenses to individual PCs.

  3. Dongle: Although available, we don't recommend this method because it always brings more trouble than benefits for these reasons:

    > Shipping/replacing the dongle takes time and has uncertainties, especially with the global pandemics right now.
    > You may lose the dongle easily (and it always happens!).
    > The dongle occupies an USB port and may cause compatibility issues with other devices.
How do I install and activate ZW3D?
Please watch this video for the detailed instruction.
*The activation instruction in this video is for the Soft-key standalone license method (recommended).
Can I use the same ZW3D license on different PCs?
Yes, you can use the same license on different PCs by "returning" and "re-activating" the license. It's a matter of just a few clicks. Watch this video (from 09:08) for detailed instruction.
*The activation instruction in this video is for the Soft-key standalone license method (recommended).

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us HERE. Our ZW3D experts will be more than happy to assist you.