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Get The Most Powerful All-in-One 3D CAD/CAM System With an Affordable Price
Introducing ZW3D - the All-in-One CAD/CAM Solution for Your Product Development
Unbeatable Features That Will Hugely Benefit Your Design and Manufacturing Career
Non Cloud-based System
Store your design locally. Zero risk of revealing your design to any other party. Full control of the software. No unpredictable, mandatory update.
Perpetual License
No money-burning subscription hassle. You buy and you OWN the software forever, period.
Fixed Upgrading Fee
Pay fixed fee to upgrade to the lastest version (no matter how many years you have missed). No accumulated maintenance fee required!
Affordable Pricing
Truly affordable for any size of businesses and freelancers.
Complete 3D CAD Design Tools
Benefit from powerful CAD modules including
▪ Solid & G3 Surface modelling
▪ Assembly & Animation
▪ Sheet Metal
▪ Electronic Design
▪ Reverse Engineering
▪ Electrode design
▪ 2D drawing
And more!
Hybrid Modelling Between Solids & Surfaces
Unleash your 3D design ideas by breaking down the boundaries between solids and surfaces.
Advanced Mould Design
Easily create your mould with the fully customizable MouldBase library and the complete mould toolset.
Parametric Modelling + Direct Edit
Enjoy the history-based parametric workflow plus direct editing capabilities for imported CAD files.
Powerful Data Exchange
Import/export 10+ native 3D formats from other parties including Catia V4/5, NX, Creo, Solidworks, SolidEdge, Inventor, Parasolid, ACIS, STL, DXF/DWG, STEP, IGES, etc.
Robust CAM Solution
Support 2X - 5X machining with intuitive workflow and fast, reliable simulation.
Smart Tool Path Editor
Optimise your tool paths with intelligent commands including Trim, Transform, Re-Order, Re-Link, Extend, etc.
Rich App Extensions
Expand your productivity by deploying specialised plugins including
▪ KeyShot – Powerful rendering plug-in
▪ FTI – Advanved unfolding tool for sheet metal parts
▪ ECAD – Specialised tool for for mechatronic design. You can import or export IDF files and set regions for Routing, Placement, Via, etc.
▪ SimWise – FEA software
▪ Eureka – Robot simulation application
▪ Jewelry CAD Dream – Jewelry Design software
▪ PARTsolutions – Online part library

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ZW3D Mould, CAM, Electrode
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A Full Range of Tools. All This, Plus CAM

ZW3D has a lot to offer, providing features typically found only in much more expensive programs. It offers a reliable, affordable alternative that should be particularly appealing to those who also need to handle the modelling and manufacture of parts and assemblies. → Read more...​

David Cohn - Digital Engineering 247
All the tools necessary for going from design through manufacturing in one package

Dealing with one comprehensive software application, such as ZW3D 2019 Premium, will benefit many potential customers, especially those involved with design and manufacturing operations. → Read more...​

Jeffrey Rowe - TECH-NET

Over 900,000+ users worldwide, 14 Languages available

with 20 years of industry experience and 450+ R&D engineers to back you up.

Why ZW3D Is The Best Tool For Your Product Development
All-in-one solution
Perform your CAD design, CAM programming, and EDM electrode design in exactly the same software environment and mouse/keyboard navigation. These modules work together so you no long need to switch between different software windows just to update your design.
Intuitive workflow and easy learning curve
All modules follow the same straightforward, simple operation steps that can be learned in minutes. The Show-n-Tell tutorials help you learn the software within the software!
Strong support​
We're experienced ZW3D users so you'll get comprehensive support of the ZW3D product line when you need it.
What Makes ZW3D Different From Others?
Only a fraction of the price that other professional 3D CAD systems cost.
Truly own your software with a life-time license.
All-around player from designing to manufacturing.
Relies on no external server to run or store your data.
CAD/CAM toolsets within a single, integrated software interface.
Starts and runs much faster than other chunky, slow 3D CAD programs.
Powerful Yet Affordable
With the perpetual licensing structure and fixed upgrading fee, ZW3D may save you thousands $ a year, and you don't need to pay the ridiculous accumulated maintenance fee any more! The initial investment in a new license is also much cheaper than other competitors.
ZW3D Lite = AUD $2,XXX
ZW3D Professional = AUD $6,XXX
ZW3D Standard = AUD $4,XXX
ZW3D Premium = AUD $9,XXX
You can choose instalment payments from 3 to 36 months. Procuret lets you pay for your purchases over time while preserving your cash flow. Click to learn more.
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Highlights of ZW3D
Fully customisable user interface
You can build your personal software environment by tailor-making the user interface. Change the toolbar layout and button size to suit your own habit.
Clean, consistent, and intuitive workflow
You will find ZW3D very easy to work with. Every operation follows the same sequence and logic, regardless of what module you use.
Full-featured modules
From CAD to CAM, from sheet metal to electrode design, you get everything you need in your product development. Click the right image to see the modules and commands that ZW3D premium gives you.
Rich apps and extensions
Expand your capability and break the boundary! Benefit from KeyShot, SimWise and many other apps that have been integrated with ZW3D.
We Want to Impress You With Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee: 180-Day Refund
We're so confident that ZW3D will hugely benefit your designing and manufacturing workflow, at the same time easing the financial burden that you can expect from our competitors. But to make sure you can't lose anything, Here we would like to offer you a no-risk money-back guarantee!

For the first 30 days, you don't even need to pay anything! Download the free, full-featured trial version of ZW3D HERE.

Unconditional, Money-Back Guarantee in 180 days after purchasing your license!
No Way You Can Lose!
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I purchase and activate the ZW3D software? Is the license life-time?

Ans: You can hit "TAKE THIS OFFER!" to purchase a ZW3D version that suit you. Alternatively, head to our pricing page to choose your favorite ZW3D version. You will be provided with a soft-key license to activate the software online. And yes, you get a life-time, perpetual license, which means you OWN the software once you buy it.

Q. Can I transfer the license to another PC?

Ans: Of course. In the License Manager of ZW3D, you can always "return" a license key from one PC and then activate the software on another one.

Q. Can I install ZW3D on Mac?

Ans: Currently ZW3D only supports Windows systems.

Q. How many ZW3D versions are there and what's the differences in pricing and functionalities?

Ans: Check HERE for the detailed comparison between different ZW3D versions.

Most design firms and freelancers choose the Professional version. The Premium version best suits who needs 2X - 3X machining in a regular basis.

Q. Can you tell me the detailed pricing struture of ZW3D? Is there any accumulated maintenance fee like other 3D CAD software when I want to upgrade after years?

Ans: ZW3D's pricing structure is quite simple and transparent. And NO. No accumulated maintenance fee required. Sounds like good news, right? We think so too!

  1. New license price = MSRP
    This is the price you pay when you purchase your new ZW3D software, and of course it will be the latest version available.

  2. Maintenance = 25% of MSRP / per year

    Maintenance can NOT be purchased alone. A user can only purchase maintenance when (1) purchasing a new license or upgrade (2) deciding to keep the software up-to-date when the current maintenance is still valid.

    A user can choose a 1-yr, 2-yr, or 3-yr maintenance to purchase with, and within these years you can upgrade to the latest version for free (that's why it's called a maintenance; it maintains your software and keeps it up to date).

  3. Upgrading = 35% of MSRP / per time

    If a user doesn’t buy the maintenance with a new license (say ZW3D 2021) then he will have to pay the upgrade fee if he decides to upgrade to any new version. The difference here between other 3D CAD vendors' pricing model is: when you upgrade, you don’t need to pay the accumulated maintenance fees within the lost year.So if you bought the ZW3D 2021 (without the maintenance), and you decide to upgrade to ZW3D 2022, you need to pay the 35% to upgrade. In the same scenario, if you decide to stay with ZW3D 2021, and after 7 years, you want to upgrade to ZW3D 2028 , you still only need to pay 35% of the new MSRP to upgrade. No maintenance hassle whatsoever.

    When you upgrade (paying 35% of MSRP), this is the time you can consider buying extra maintenance fees (25%). If you think you’ll become a loyal user you might want to do this to save some money (10% per year) to upgrade in the near future.

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