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Documentation / Aligning Object In Space / Interactive Alignment

Learn QUICKSURFACE now! We highly recommend to watch them in the order they are listed.

Sample Files

Please note: You can use the sample files only for training purposes while learning QUICKSURFACE. You cannot redistribute the files or use them for any other purposes.

Basic part (prismatic shapes) STL:
Aerosol knob (free form surface) STL:
Watch (hybrid parametric model) QSF:
Mill Turn (mechanical part) QSF:

*All video tutorials and STL files created and owned by Better 3D Lab is the official reseller of Mesh2Surface and QUICKSURFACE products in Australia.


Interactive Alignment

Learn how to position the reference mesh with respect to world coordinate system using reference entities like planes and cylinders or positioning the mesh interactively

(approximately 9 minutes)

Sample file: Basic part STL