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Commercial/University license of QUICKSURFACE Full for Windows (online activation). Options and descriptions please see below.

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Commercial/University license of QUICKSURFACE Full for Windows. Installation download link as below (14-day free trial with no limitation). The activation license key will be sent when the payment is issued. Please see “How to Active” tab above for detailed description.


Software functionalities differ in different QUICKSURFACE versions and will be activated by according Activation ID that we send. Please check the comparison chart HERE to find out which QUICKSURFACE version suits you best.

How to Activate

QUICKSURFACE activation on a single computer

1. Make sure you have the QUICKSURFACE Full or QUICKSURFACE Free From installed.

2. If you haven’t installed the software, please download and install it. You’ll see the message below as you start the software for the first time.

Please follow the instruction below to activate a trial or perpetual license. A trial license gives you fully functional software for 14 days. After 14 days the software will stop working. You will need to purchase a perpetual license key to keep using the software. The perpetual activation key is based on the computer MAC address.

3. Hit “Click here to activate.” from the screen above or go to “Settings – Activate Software…” from the main menu.

4. Press ‘Copy to clipboard’ as seen in the image below and then press the Close button on the dialogue.

5. To obtain a license key, use your e-mail client (like Gmail) and start composing a new email.

(1) Recipient = “support@better3dlab.com

(2) Title = QUICKSURFACE Activation

(3) Message body = Paste your order number & the serial number you just copied.

(4) Send the mail.

6. When you receive the trial/perpetual License key (perpetual license might be sent as a personalised PDF file), copy the Activation Key.

7. Launch QUICKSURFACE, select “Settings – Activate Software”, and then paste the Activation Key. Click ACTIVATE.

8. Restart the software for the change to take effect.


Learning Resources


QUICKSURFACE Tips & Tricks (Please search QUICKSURFACE or QS):

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