Affordable Reverse Engineering Solution

For Rhinoceros® Users

Mesh2Surface is a plug-in for Rhinoceros 64 bit version working on Windows 10.

Two commercial versions of Mesh2Surface are available at this moment – Standard and Premium. Premium has all the features of the Standard version, but also many more on top of that.  See the full comparision chart at the bottom of this page.

We also provide the Educational version for academic use.

Mesh2Surface Premium

Mesh2Surface Premium is a powerful reverse engineering plugin for the famous CAD modeller Rhinoceros®. It provides complete tool sets for converting your 3D scanned STL meshes or PTX point clouds into Rhino’s NURBS workspace. Mesh2Surface Premium can deal with both mechanical or organic (free form) shapes.

You can then export your work result as standard IGES or STEP formats from Rhino.

Quad Surface

Powerful quad surface editing & snapping features make the organic free form reverse engineering simple, efficient, and extremely fast.

Auto Surface

Auto Surface tool lets you generate free form surfaces with a hit of button. This automatic feature is versatile and incredibly fast when dealing with organic shapes.

3D Sketch

3D Sketch feature allows you to draw curves directly on the mesh to create free form surfaces.

Toleranced 3D Sketch

Colour-based deviation display let you keep the quality in control in realtime while modelling.

CurveNetwork Surface

Build surfaces with real-time control of vertexes, curves and faces.

Extract Shapes

The powerful feature recognizing algonism allows you to extract planes, cylinders, spheres from the STL meshs and then to create revolved and extruded surfaces.

Toleranced Patch

Patch feature allows you to select desired region and create a toleranced based free form surface.

Deviation Analyzer

Great tool to see how close your CAD work is to the underneath STL mesh. This feature keeps your reverse engineering under control and makes sure your CAD work is precisely reflecting the shape of the original scan data.

Align object

Having a tilted STL mesh in a wrong position? No worries. You can align your mesh objects to the world coordinate system by using this feature. Well-aligned meshes will give you a good start of your reverse engineering task.


Segmentation feature allows you to automatically split a mesh based on curvature. It’s useful when you need to customize your reverse engineering workflow by deconstructing the geometry.

Measure Fillet

Mesh2 Surface allows you to estimate the radius of filleted edges from the underlying mesh.

Constrain shapes

You can give constraints to shapes by setting them to be vertical, horizontal or custom directions/relations.

Symmetry Plane

Getting the symmetrically designed shape in the right position is critical to your reverse engineering projects. Mesh2Surface can achieve this with a simple but effective way.

Mesh2Surface Standard

Utilising the same core technologies from the Mesh2Surface Premium version, the Standard edition allows you to reconstruct CAD models from STL meshes with ruled and industrial design. Mesh2Surface Standard is an ecomonic option for those who want to reverse engineer only normal industrial products.

Mesh2Surface is not a standalone system, but a plugin for the Rhinoceros 3D. You need to have a valid license of Rhinoceros 3D to use the Mesh2Surface software. We only support Windows system at this moment.  The software will be delivered electronically. No physical product will be shipped. You will receive a license key for activating the software.

Mesh2Surface for Rhinoceros®

Version Comparison

Align to world coordinate system
Extract primitives, patch, extrusion and revolved surfaces
Symmetry Plane definition
Interactive 2D and 3D sketching
CurveNetwork, Sweep, Loft and Blend surfaces
Real-time tolerancing control
Toleranced patch fit
Mesh Segmentation
Fillet measurement
Deviation Analyzer
PTX Points Import
Free form Organic modelling
Symmetry based modelling
Snap to Mesh Technology
Real-time tolerancing for free form modelling
Manipulator (gumball) based modelling
Surface quality analysis
Automatic Surfacing
Single commercial license BUY BUY

The price does NOT include Rhinoceros license. Rhinoceros must be purchased separately.

Mesh2Surface for Rhinoceros Educational:  BUY

(Single educational user license)

This is the full Mesh2Surface Premium version of the plugin intending to support
students, teachers and professors in full time education in their research projects (*)

*Proof of status required in the form of a current document showing the person
is registered at the school, college or university.
The license key provided has 3 years validity. At the end of the period the user will be asked
for new proof of status to get extended license key.