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Reverse Engineering Inside Solidworks®

Mesh2Surface is a reverse engineering add-in for SOLIDWORKS®. It lets you convert 3D scan meshes into CAD models. Mesh2Surface provides efficient tools to generate surfaces and curves to help reconstructing a professional CAD models.

Check the overview video to see how it works.

Benefits of doing reverse engineering with Mesh2Surface in SOLIDWORKS®:

  • Easily load scan data in seconds, not minutes;
  • Extract quickly reference geometries;
  • Align intuitively in the right position in space;
  • Create reference sections for sketching;
  • Approximate free form surfaces with best fit surface;
  • Compare your work against the reference data instantly with 3D colour map;
  • A magic button to convert free form organic shapes just with a hit;
  • And do all these in your favourite CAD package - SOLIDWORKS®.
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