We’ve been doing 3D designing since 2007 and our clients are all from various industries including hardware product development, movie making, gaming design,  contemporary art, real estate, sport equipment, and even porn industry!

Compared to 2D designing, 3D designed work gives our clients much more perspectives to understand and evaluate their own products. Most importantly, the 3D files can be converted to tangible objects in the real world by 3D printing, laser cutting or serious manufacturing process (CAM, injection moulding, etc).

We use different 3D tools for differnt projects. Our toolset can handle most of the 3D designing in 3 different categories: 

  • Industrial Designing: B-rep based 3D CAD work for hardware product design. The works can be exported as standard exchange file formats like DXF, DWG, STEP or IGES formats. We also provide reverse engineering service witch belong to this field too. Check 这里.
  • Character Designing: Polygon based (quad or triangular) 3D modelling/digital Sculpting. The works can be exported as ZTL, OBJ, STL, 3DS, WRL, etc.
  • Architectural/Interior Design: Polygon based 3D modelling work. The works can be (1) exported as OBJ, STL, 3DS, WRL, etc. or (2) converted to 2D DXF, DWG, AI, EPS, etc.

下面是我们参与的一些 3D 设计项目,有兴趣请观赏我们的 完整作品集锦 >>.