Mesh2Surface for Rhinoceros® Educational

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单机版授权 Mesh2Surface for Rhinoceros® Educational Windows 10 版 (线上激活)


单机版授权 Mesh2Surface for Rhinoceros® Educational Windows 10 平台。安装档案请由下方链结下载 (14 天免费试用,无功能限制)。款项付清后寄送激活码。详见"如何激活"。

Download Mesh2Surface for Rhinoceros® Educational

Software functionalities differ in different Mesh2Surface versions and will be activated by according Activation ID that we send. Please check the comparison chart 这里 to find out which Mesh2Surface version suits you best.


Mesh2Surface activation on a single computer

1. Make sure you have Rhinoceros 6 or Rhinoceros 5 installed.

2. If you haven’t installed Mesh2Surface yet, please 按此下载并安装。.

此软件为 14 天全功能试用版。

After 14 days the software will stop working and will request an activation key. The activation key is based on the computer MAC address.

3. To activate the software, launch Rhino, then select “Mesh2Surface Activate Software…” from the main menu


4. 在如下方的视窗中按下 "Copy to clipboard (拷贝至剪贴簿)" 后,关闭视窗。*这是您的软件序号。


5. 欲取得激活码,请使用您的 email 客户端 (如雅虎信箱) 撰写新信件如下。

(1) 收件人 = "

(2) Title = Mesh2Surface Activation

(3) Paste your order number & the serial number you just copied to the message body.

(4) 寄出邮件



6. 数个工作天后,您将收到激活码资料,请选取并拷贝它。

7. Launch Rhino, then select Mesh2Surface Activate Software, and then paste the Activation Key. Click ACTIVATE.


If you find the activation fails after relaunching Rhino, please right-click the Rhino icon, run it as Administrator and re-activate it again. If you still have the problem with the activation, please contact us for assistance.


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